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24/40 Vacuum Jacketed Short Path Distillation...

24/40 Vacuum Jacketed Short Path Distillation Apparatus, New Design

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24/40 standard joint short-path distilling head, used with 50mm immersion thermometer with 10/18 standard taper joint. One-piece and compact design for easy and efficient use . The short condensate path is dedicated for the purification of small amount yet precious synthetic product. The re-designed vacuum jacket is 20% larger than the previous version, and provides better insulation during high temperature vacuum distillation. The diameter of inner Vigreux column is 30% larger than the previous design, which significantly increases distillation output.


A jacketed short path distillation apparatus is a type of short path distillation system that includes an external jacket surrounding the distillation flask. This jacket is typically connected to a cooling system, such as a chiller, which helps to regulate the temperature of the distillation flask.

The purpose of the jacket is to control the rate of heating and cooling during the distillation process. By regulating the temperature of the flask, the jacketed system can help to prevent thermal stress and cracking, which can occur when the temperature changes too rapidly.

The use of a jacketed system is particularly important when working with high-boiling-point materials or materials that are prone to thermal degradation. By carefully controlling the temperature of the flask, it is possible to achieve a more precise separation of the desired compounds and reduce the risk of damaging the material.

Jacketed short path distillation apparatuses are commonly used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and cannabis industries for the extraction and purification of essential oils, terpenes, and other complex mixtures.

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