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Short Path Distillation Set, 2000mL 2-Neck...

Short Path Distillation Set, 2000mL 2-Neck Flask, Cow Receiver with Hose Connection, Cold Trap, Thermometer Adapters

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This complete set of short path distillation apparatus comes with one newly designed 24/40 vacuum jacketed distillation head with longer condensation path, one vertical 2-L two-neck round bottom flask with 24/40 joints, one 3-way cow-type receiver with hose connection, three 250mL round bottom flasks, one cold trap, three 24/40 penny-head stoppers, one 24/40 inlet thermometer adapter, one 14/20 inlet thermometer adapter, and six 24/40 joint clips.


This set includes a newly designed short path distillation head.  The longer condensate path and the wider angle (60 degree) with the vigreux column create more clearance between disllation flask and receiving flasks, which allows the use of larger distillation flask up to 5L. The large vacuum jacket (40 mm OD) provides better insulation during high temperature vacuum distillation. The larger diameter of inner Vigreux column also significantly increases distillation output. The short path distillation head is to use with 3-way cow-type receiver with hose connection (Cat. # 169424, included), and 14/40 inlet thermometer adapter (Cat. # 153701, included).

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